DECREE to reactivate the Collegiate Church and establish the Collegiate Chapter in St. Florian’s Basilica in Kraków

Taking into account the centuries-old tradition of the Chapter in St. Florian’s Church in Kraków (1184-1786), on 4 May 2011, for the greater honour and glory of One God in Holy Trinity, for the fruitful spread of the cult of St. Florian the Martyr and Blessed John Paul II the Pope, former vicar of this parish, as well as for the greater spiritual benefit of priests and lay faithful, I hereby establish a Chapter in St. Florian’s Basilica in Kraków and in accordance with Can. 114 § 1 of the Code of Canon Law, I grant it public juridic personality.

The Collegiate Chapter of St. Florian will be guided by the relevant canons of the Code of Canon Law, other relevant provisions of universal and particular law, and the Statutes approved by the Archbishop of Kraków. Due to the reactivation of the Chapter, St. Florian’s Basilica in Kraków is also given the title of Collegiate Church.

Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz
Metropolitan Archbishop of Kraków

Collegiate Canons

Prelate mgr Grzegorz Szewczyk, Provost – since 2011
Prelate Prof. dr hab. Jan Machniak – since 2011
Fr. mgr Krzysztof Tekieli – since 2011
Fr. Dr. Andrzej Józef Nowobilski – since 2011
Fr. Dr. Andrzej Scąber – since 2011
Monsignor Jan Dziasek, emeritus – since 2011
Fr. mgr Marek Hajdyła – since 2013
Fr. Dr. Marcin Cholewa – since 2019

Honorary Canons

Fr. Tomasz Szopa – since 2022
Fr. Józef Gubała – since 2022
Fr. Jarosław Żmija – since 2022
Fr. Stanisław Molendys – since 2022

Rev. Mirosław Król – since 2013
Rev. Charles Kelly – since 2013
Rev. Fr. Walter J. Ptak – since 2013
Rev. Fr. Robert G. Lynam – since 2015
Rev. Bogumił Chruściciel – since 2016
Rev. Fr. Dr. Maciej Mankowski – since 2019
Rev. Fr. Dr. Krzysztof Henryk – since 2019

Late Canons

Late Fr. Jan Czyrek – died February 20, 2013
Late Fr. Prof. Andrzej Baczyński – died December 1, 2015
Late Fr. Dr. Marek Leśniak – died August 1, 2017
Late Fr. Michał Kliś – died April 11, 2020
Late Prelate Kazimierz Moskała – died July 30, 2021
Late Fr. Stanisław Czajka – died June 6, 2022